How to choose your photographer!

When it comes to weddings, we all know that is so much planning to do and a lot of work!

There is the need of a florist, orchestra, location, stationary and so many other. Talking to so many people and planning, can be so confusing at some point, at least this is what past clients told me.

But I think the most important from all of them is your Wedding Photographer and Videographer. There is no doubt for that! Why? Because that is all that is left after the wedding is gone, after you have eaten some of the cake or food (in case you had the time to), after all the guest are back to their homes, all the florals arrangements will die and so on.

Yes, the photographs, the Wedding Album, the prints and the film that you can share with everyone is all that will remember of that special day. I am right? I know I am! What else can remember you in five, ten or twenty years time about your wedding? Nothing besides your Wedding Album! Because in some cases your memory can let you down and you can forget many things! This is what I have learned from old people! Because all the time when I asked someone how was your wedding? the answer was the same: “oh, oh let me go and get my Wedding Album and the photographs I have and you will see, you will love it!” But let me tell you something. That answer can be like that only if their wedding photographer was a good one no matter the age they were living in! That’s for sure! Now comes the interesting part. If their photographer was a crappy one who just went there to make some pocket money they would’t had something beautiful to show. Maybe in a happy case just a few photographs and that’s it!

Why? Because the choice they did wasn’t a good one. There can be a lot at the middle! A reason can be because they did’t had or wanted to spend a certain amount of money for a good professional photography service. Trust me some people simply don’t want to even if they have a budget simply because it’s not important for them at that time…It’s sad, I know!

Enough talking! Let’s get to the topic how to choose your Wedding photographer!

  1. Choose your style!

    Make sure you know what style of photography  you like. Moody, airy, documentary storytelling. There are so many styles to choose from and it’s so much easier to make your choice regarding the photographer.

  2. Check out the web!

    Start searching on the web for Wedding photographer. That’s the simplest way to search on Google for everything you want, no? Then you will find so many websites and blogs about wedding photography.

  3. Check out the Portfolio!

    The first thing to do when you get to someones page is to check out their portfolio. After that head over their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and see how many people follow them check out the review the people write them. That should be a good start to find more about their work!

  4. Book a consultation!

    Once you find someone you like, make sure you give them a call or send an email to see if they are available on your wedding day. If they are the you must book a consultation so you can meet the person and see how it goes. Some photographers charge for consultation but I don’t.

  5. See a wedding album!

    If you want a wedding album, make sure you ask to see a wedding album. In some cases people don’t want an album. But in most cases photographers offer albums in their packages.

  6. Make sure you book your day!

    Yes, it’s a must to book your wedding day with the chosen photographer, specially if you like his/her work and you are sure you want him/her for your big day. If you are not 100% decided you don’t have to book it. Just do some more research, you will definitely find someone!

  7. Settle with a shooter!

    Once you compared all of your options book your day and you will feel  more relief!

  8. Ask about copyright!

    When you book your day or you sign the contract talk with your photographer and see if you will receive watermark free photographs.In some cases photographers do not offer free watermark images unless you buy them. Yes, that’s tricky! Lately I have realised that people can do what ever they want with any image, doesn’t matter if it has watermark or no! They will still crop or add instagram filters on them. No matter what the photographer say! But some people will not! This remains at their appreciation.

  9. Ask about Post-Production!

    Make sure you ask how much time will he/her need to deliver your package. Some my take up to 4 weeks and some more depends of how busy they are. But at least you know roughly the time!




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