Website building!

Website building!

Hello everyone, currently I am building my website!

Being so caught up with family, work and orthodox Easter it’s quite hard to find time to finish and update this lovely brand new webpage! But still, I have set up a deadline as I don’t want to leave it  aside for too long!

So this page is on a building period until 1th of July!

I know some parts of my website don’t look just how they are suppose to look or some of the writing lines don’t have their place in the website but I am working on that too!

I always taught that it’s so easy to build a website but in fact it’s really hard!

I mean you need to learn on the go:))) When my husband told me how SEO works I was super impressed but then again I need to puzzle some word combination to make it right! Kind off like I am doing here, in this post! Yes, you can say it’s a test post! I am curios to see how long google will take to index this blog post!

Thank God that my superstellar husband Vasile Porav it’s the most intelligent man and knows to do so many things and not to mention about the patience that he has for everything!

He is just super amazing, even at website building, I can tell you that! Now that I have mentioned my husband I need to say that he is the best photographer and filmmaker that I know, from the most technical stuff  till art! Did I learn from him? Yes, I did learn so many interesting and helpful things from him!

Without him in my life I probably wouldn’t have started my career in photography!

I will keep everyone up to date on what it’s happening on here

Until then…

All the best!!



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