Smash the Cake with Davina

~Smash the Cake~ is the ultimate trend in children photography and everybody loves it!

Cake smash parties have been taking the UK by storm as parents look for a fun and memorable way to mark their child’s first birthday and that is so amazing I can tell you that!

This way you will definitely know if your child loves sweets or not.

Let’s face it all babies love to explore and all parents love cake, so this is the perfect way for you all to celebrate their first birthday in style.

There are some children who are really not interested to get to messy.

Although we are creating beautiful photographs and some who get really dirty and have a lot of fun with the cake.

The results you get from the Cake Smash sessions are some of the cutest, fun and stunning images that show your babies personalities at a milestone in their life.

Few weeks ago I had the pleasure to create such a beautiful story with my photographs for beautiful baby girl Davina!

Below in this post you will find the highlights from our shoot.

If you really want something a little different to capture the beauty of your children ~Smash the Cake~ is such a good idea, I promise that!

Tip: For a healthier smash cake option, “use anything with less sugar,” Florio-Urso said. “You would use a more natural, floury cake [perhaps] vanilla. And you would keep it very simple. You can actually use chocolate pudding as the icing on a vanilla cake, rather than the sugar-frosted icing. And peanut-free, because you don’t know if a little one [might be allergic].”

If you’d like to arrange a~Smash the Cake~ session, please get in touch to discuss the theme you would like us to create and to book your session. Email us at or call Ioana on 07473197929.

You can also download the price list here !




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Photography : Ioana Porav

Tulle dress : Angel’s Face

Cupcake Shop : Favorite Cakes M&D

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