Mothers Day Makeover

London based photographer providing portrait glamour makeovers sessions to make you look stunning! Here is a collection of our photographs from such an extraordinary experience!

London Portrait Makeover Photo Session on Mothers Day


Hello there,

On this post I am presenting a beautiful experience I had along eight amazing woman on Mothers Day!

Few weeks before Mothers Day I propose to my husband Vasile if he would like to join me on a charity Makeover photo shoot.

This photo shoot had the purpose to offer a special  gift to few mothers who don’t have the opportunity to be photographed in a professional way too often.

I always wanted to do something like this!

The gallery above has been made with hard work and love! During the shoot we have done some time lapse and Vasile Porav was responsible with filming and many more! You can see the video in the gallery or here

This was an amazing chapter from my latest work along with my partner Vasile and having my children next to me made it much more special!

Yes, we did have William and James with us and they were really good.

Lately I discover that if you wish for something, that something will come true so remember always be careful for what you wish!

All the best,  1 small




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