Engagement | Andreea & Ross

London Engagement Photographer Ioana Porav Fine Art Photographer


Presents the beautiful engagement shoot of Andreea and Ross done a short time before their wedding day.

Engagements shoot are very beautiful in general because there is a lot of love around the couple and the photographer can sense that and capture that love really easy because the couple is very easy going and they have fun being together and celebrating their love!

Also engagements shoot have an important role before the wedding as is usually the moment when the couple and the photographer break the ice and become more friendly and on the wedding day everything will be very smooth and straight forward as the couple is already used to me and can talk, feel more free.

My no. 1 advice to couples is to make/book the engagement shoot if you are able to!

What I always recommend to couple to couples is to not stress before the day or on the day as there is nothing that can go wrong, we are not stressed about the time and we don’t need to get nowhere too important so we can take our time to talk and get to know each other better because this is the purpose of these shoots!

I love creating a beautiful set of images for my clients and sometimes there images are used for their wedding slideshow during the reception which is a really big deal for the couple and guests, specially parents!


I wish all the best for Andreea and Ross and I can’t wait to be there present at their wedding!


If you would like to book an engagement photo shoot in the City or around London let me know at ioanaporavphotography@gmail.com or 07473197929.


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