~Styled Shoot~

One of the most beautiful experience I had this year happened on this shoot!

I had organized a shoot with three models involved, a talented florist designer (Alina Scurtu) who created many bridal bouquets for us, on the day, and also I have borrowed few bridal dresses from Audrey Ashley Couture.

Unfortunately by the time we got to our location (Holland Park) rain had started. Probably because of that 2 of my models did not show up. They let me down last minute.

Still, I have done the shoot with amazing Stanislava Cozirscaia and I will make another post with the results from there!

After we finished, I still had a lot to give out and create. So we went to the coffee shop from the park to think for some time what to do next.

In the coffee shop it was just us (the team) and two other customers.

There is where I have spotted and meet Lily. She was there lost in her thoughts and we were sitting opposite her, thinking what to do.

This may sound like a love story!

It was not a love story but it was something magical indeed!!

At some point Alina (the florist) just asked Lily if she would like to be our model for 20 minutes!

And she said YES! I was a little sceptical because I usually don’t do this.

But from now on I will believe in the power of asking!

We only had about 20-30 minutes maximum together and you can see in the gallery what we have created together!

Now I am asking : ~Why does always, but always the most spontaneous things are the most beautiful??~

I think there is some magic in spontaneously!

Until next time,

Kissed and hugs, Ioana!




Flower Designer : The Flower Story

Bridal Boutique : Audrey Ashley Couture

Model : Lily Mcdougall

Styling & Photography :  Ioana




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