Hello and Thank you for taking the time to look at my personal work created in the latest months.

In this section I have published a small selection of the photographs I have done during my styled shoots here in London and few back some in Romania.

I have tried to add a variety of styles that I really like, from vintage to natural, airy look.

All of the photo shoots have been put together by me, from finding the models, make up artists, florists, hair stylists, locations and outfits. I must say that I have enjoyed doing all this work from top to bottom.

All this photo shoots  had a big impact about my personal view in photography because from each one of them I have learned something new or I have created lovely friend relationships and that is so important these days.

Although I feel sorry I was not able to find the amount of time to submit some of the photographs to magazines, I have promise my self that I will start doing that this year.

Being a fashion photographer and a wedding photographer at the same time can be quite challenging, because I constantly want to go out there and shoot just one style but I don’t want to do that yet as I still have so many ideas to show and create. I guess that just time will help me see the right path.

It is not easy to find the right balance between growing my business, growing my knowledge in photography field and the same time to take care of my family and children, but so far I think I am doing a pretty good job and I will invest the time needed to improve every year and create beautiful photographs for my clients and sometimes for myself!

Wish you all the best,



Photographer – Ioana Porav

Make up Artist – Teresa Howard, Sylvie Wilcock, Ioana Porav

Models – Annetta Kocisova, Carmen Constantin, Rossana Akmali, Esther Vld, Mariapina Trani, Melinoe, Bianca Suciu, Stanislava Cozirscaia, Stacey Leight.

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