Fashion Bridal Couture Designer Campaign

Hello everyone!

I am happy to share this autumn inspired photoshoot done among a very talented, creative team of ladies.

About the talented Couture Bridal Designer Lara Audrey Ashley I have deep appreciation. I have collaborated with her many times and we trust each other professionally and this is such a good attribute in our professions! Her designs are just amazing and I love photographing all those beautiful designs!

You can find her HERE

I loved working with Ingrid M. Rivera she is very talented make up artist from Portugal! I hope our collaboration will not stop here!

You can find her HERE

Our talented model Steffi Green was just amazing on the shoot, very comfortable with her self and easy going! I am always beautifully impressed by the people I work with!


You can find her HERE

If  you are a creative person looking to highlight your work or advertise your new collection, maybe a couture designer, make up artist, jewellery designer, florist or a hair stylist, contact me!

Let’s talk more about your new collection or ideas and let’s put them all together into a fantastic photoshoot!
Remember the better your photographs are the better you can express your feelings towards the clients!
A good photograph always PRAISE or SELL your work! 

Until next time all the best!

Stay inspired!




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