Family Portraits

I had the pleasure to meet this beautiful family less than a year ago while they hired us to photograph and film the christening ceremony of little Matthias!

It was a lovely ceremony that took place at the Romanian Church from Luton, UK.

I was more than happy to be there because we created a beautiful connection with  father Ioan and his family as well and of course a beautiful friendship started to evolve after the moment Alina and Adi received their images and film back! Their were very happy with the results!

Because I knew that the birthday or Evelina and Matthias was very close I call them for a photo shoot in the park. It was really a moment or relaxing time with the children and playing around. Unfortunately we did not had sun but we have seen so many parrots flying from a bunch of trees to another. The children loved that moment and even us!!

For this photoshoot I have used Sony A7Rii with the 90 mm f/2.8 Macro G lens with no light reflectors or flash.

Good took care of us all! I not only had happy clients I also received beautiful friends. I have meet some extraordinary women trough Alina, with I can share so many things. The best feeling is when you make your client happy and you gain them as friends and their present you to their friends with who you make beautiful connection as well!! I really don’t know what I did to receive such a gift!

When I go out with Alina, both of us, often ask ourselfs ~what if, we did not meet? what if, you have chosen someone else in stead for?~ It’s funny right?

I can write a novel with all the beautiful stories I have with this lovely family, but not today! Maybe when I get older!

Until then I send you all the best and a lot of health!

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