Couture Designers

Here are some of the beautiful photographs I have created among such a talented creative team!

This project took me some time to set it up as I have been waiting for location approval, because Danesfield House in such an incredible location and busy all year long!

The events manager Hanna was very kind and offered us a perfect spot time for our project. I really recommend everyone I talk too to go there and visit the place. It has everything you have ever dream, from amazing views to superb Spa Resort!

You can find them HERE

About the talented Couture Bridal Designer Lara Audrey Ashley I have deep appreciation. I have collaborated with her many times and we trust each other professionally and this is such a good attribute in our professions! Her designs are just amazing and I love photographing all those beautiful designs!

You can find her HERE

I loved working with Couture Bridal Milliner Anna Gilder she is very talented artist! I hope our collaboration will not stop here!

You can find her HERE

Our make up artist on the shoot was Corina Matei, she is an amazing young woman and I have loved working with her! She did beautiful make-ups for both models from the day. I was very comfortable being around her as I know her personally from her work place. Yes, this is how we first meet and every since we see each other each time I go to there. We got to know each other a little bit and when the time had come we worked together. She did amazing, I recommend her!

You can find HERE

Our talented models were just amazing on the shoot, very comfortable with them self’s and easy going! I am always beautifully impressed by the people I work with!

You can find Tatiana HERE

You can find Sandriine HERE

I would’d be able to pull all this together if it wasn’t my partner involved! Never, ever!!

I can’t wait to be thunder striked by his film! Did I ever told you how much I love his work? If not I tell you now! I LOVE HIS WORK!!! For ever and ever!!

You can find him HERE

Until next time all the best!

Stay inspired!






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