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Wedding London Photographer Ioana Porav (2)

Fine art London wedding photographer Ioana Porav

Hello everyone,

Thank you for stopping by!

I had been away for some time!

But I have a very good reason for that:)

I have put my mind and soul into finding what I really want to do from now on into my photography, I will not lie saying this is my lifestyle because is not.

I tried doing that for some time and put me down mentally and physically.

My first priority is my wonderful family and children.
Photography is my job and YES, I am proud to say that I really LOVE my job and I am enjoying every second I spend into creating wonderful photographs for my clients or for myself!
From now on I will concentrate to create work that I love to create and for people who are in love with what I am creating. This is the only way for everyone to be super happy and cherish what they have. Fine Art Photography had always drawn me into it, because is mysterious and so personal. While I am in London for the near future I will concentrate finding as many London Weddings clients that love Fine Art Photography and who are ready to cooperate at maximum to create superb photographs on their special day!

fine art london wedding photographer ioana porav (

Kises and hugs, Ioana

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