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I love having behind the scenes footage or photographs when I go out and work! Here is amazing Diana doing the make up for beautiful Sooa. I can tell you that the make up artist and your relation and vision you share is unpriceable as without a good make up you will find a lot of flaws at the end when you check out the photographs. They are not major flaws but definitely it will make you spend much more time doing the beauty retouching! So make sure you work with a good make up artist!

 Beautiful soul, Catalina! Our florist from this shoot. Here floral designs were just as we imagined! All those details would’t have been in my photographs if it wasn’t for her. Remember details are the most important!  And here I am. Me + Ieva! Such a beautiful, strong girl! She defeated the cold and she was just out of this world! I am so thank full for all that emotion she put into her role! You know that tale, where everyone says that you can’t do an amazing photographs without an amazing model? Well I have lived it so many times and this last time I decided to wait longer and make the best choice. The choice obviously was more than the best. Not only with models but with the whole team! Nothing goes well without the other!

Making contact with your model or giving hugs is one of the best possible thing to do! That way your model knows you take care of her, as least that you are doing your best. But there is always a line. Make sure you don’t get strange. For us girls is fine but for you boys it may get awkward if you cross that good sense line! So be true and kind.


My beautiful angels! I know Diana since many years but we only got really close in the last years but trust me is’s more that enough! I trust her and that is all it matters. We share the same vision into imaging our project so that make’s everything more easy.

You see hugs really help! It was impossible not to capture this frame!Film Photography Fine Art Photography Wedding London Photographer Filmmmaker

About this talented person I can talk a day without getting bored! He is just amazing, superstellar and the best! Make sure you check out his vimeo channel HERE

He is also my husband, my friend and my mentor not to mention he is the father of my children so that makes a 100% the best combination!

We were scouting for a place to shoot like with a lot of green and forestry but we didn’t got to shoot that idea. Don’t worry that happens all the time when you have to many ideas. You just basically can’t get them to life in a few hours and that’s fine I just leave it for next time.

Here is one of our medium format film camera. This model is the Mamiya 645 PRO TL. It an amazing camera the only thing is that I need to get to that point to use it in the way I want. Please note I was born in the digital era so until few months ago I did’t even know film photography is or Kodak Portra 120 is! Don’t laugh it’s true!

This color palette is just crazy! I love it!

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