After School Portrait

Today I have decide to share a little piece of what I am actually doing most of the days!

First I wake up quickly , dress up, wash my face, my teeth and then go upstairs to wake the children up for school! That is the hardest part because sometimes they don’t want to wake up and makes me go next to them and sleep more! But we all know that doesn’t work! So I just dress them up, serve breakfast and of we go to school! The walk is very nice specially now that’s cold. It wakes me up straight away! Most of the days I take my little film/digital camera with me so I can so some photographs of my boys. The below photographs are just a tiny part of all the great photographs we have! Becoming a photographer changed my life changed the way I live. I know it’s sounds dramatic but it really is.

There is no bigger reward  that being able to capture my children’s evolution with the help of my photo camera. To see them grow in photographs, to have big prints with them in the house, to have magnetic prints with their portraits on my fridge! Pffff, that makes me smile every time I go in the kitchen and look around! Lately I had had some help from my mother-in-law so I was able to set up true goals for me and my family! I recommend that to everyone! Ask yourself sometimes: What do I really want in this life? How do I want to live? What would be my legacy? Is there any hope for my dreams?

I am sure there is! You just need to focus!

I tried that and it works! And I will still do that from now on! I promised myself to become a better version of me! Is not our body that is stuck, is our mind, is our toughs!


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