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“There is no other beautiful, long lasting gift, to offer to my son on his first birthday” Marvin’s Mommy


I have been a Fine Art Photographer for nearly 3 years now and most of my clients come to me from all over London because I am sensitive and create artistic, natural, fine art images that will give them an amazing memory of any important moment of their live!

I have enjoyed capturing these beautiful moments for little Marvin & Denilson and creating memories fro the whole family!

First birthday it’s always a fantastic occasion to make it count! The best way nowadays is to have a Cake Smash photoshoot for the little one and they are full of fun and cute.

I strive to make each photoshoot different and produce diffrent props, all hand made by me. Besides the cake as I am not very good in the kitchen.

I believe that my style photography will stand the test of time more than most.  It is artistic and simple and the point is that fine art portraiture has nothing to do with trends. I want you to be able to look at your images in 20 years time when the children are big and still feel proud of them.

Usually at this kind of photoshoot I travel to my clients home as they are their comfort and the children feel at ease, the truth is that I don’t need a fancy studio to create beautiful images. I always pack props with me and always, always tell my clients to clear one wall from their living room and that’s quite it. After this imagination comes in place.

Usually the shoots don’t last more than 1.5 hours maximum 2 hours. Most of my shoots are delivered on a USB – Box in the next 3-4 weeks and a preview will be posted on social media the next day, if required.

A booking in advance will secure the spot for your shoot and I always recommend to be made two weeks prior the shoot.

The price for aCake Smash shoot is £250 including 30-35 digital photographs, prints/albums are not included.

If you have any questions regarding family and pregnancy photo sessions, please do not hesitate to contact me on Contact Here.




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